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relationship meme

Apr. 11th, 2007 | 05:16 pm

I've never done one of these before, so be gentle, guys. :<

Relationship meme--comment and tell me who you play to hear what either Stan, Rozalin, or Pallapalla thinks of your characters. If you want, you can tell me what your characters think of mine, too.

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Permissions and Stats

Nov. 12th, 2006 | 07:29 am
music: Sinful Rose

Rozalin's stats and other permission-like-things! This post contains some spoilers but they are under an lj-cut.

Age: 17
Eyes: Red [with notable white glow/shine]
Hair: Blonde
Physical traits: Bat wings, pointed ears, huge frilly wedding cake of a dress

Medical Info: No allergies, no abnormal status effects. Heals notably faster than most demons, otherwise seems like a normal 17 year old.

What's Okay To Mention Around Her: Just about anything. Disgaea is good and meta so she knows she's from a video game. Though as Flonne's stats meme says, the idea of somebody having played that game may be a little weird.
Mentionable IC: Also anything, though keep in mind topics about parents and familial love are almost guaranteed to turn any conversation serious. Not necessarily emo, just serious. Though admittedly it's pretty easy to get the conversation back to crack, so it's really not a big deal at all. |D
Abilities: Rozy is fairly good at taking care of herself in a fight. She's good with guns, and in fact that's all I ever equip her with so. She has several gun-based attacks and several that are just her own techniques, which include whipping out a gatling gun, or fucking your shit up with her Rose Liberation special (and is it just me or do the Liberation attacks remind anybody else of NGE?). Essentially she has good aim and can hit you from a fair distance. I'll be making a separate post with more detail and spoilers under a lj-cut later. =]

Notes for the Psychics: MILD SPOILERSCollapse )

Can I shapeshift/bodyswap/spit at/step on/etc?: Go for it. Camp effects and mild things will bug her but she can handle them. Give me a heads up OOC so I know what's up and it's great. =]
Maim/Murder/Death: No objections on other characters trying to hurt or kill her. Just be warned Rozalin will match your attack up to lethal force, and if Adell finds out, well, tread with caution? XD But yeah, she knows to save her game, she'll be okay even in worse-case scenarios. OOC heads up and plotting is always good.
Cooking: What no. She expects to be served gourmet meals. |D
Kissing/Hugging: Very no. That is to say only Adell is allowed and she still yelled about the kissing. In all honesty a character could possibly earn the right to hug her but that would take a lot of time and be very case-by-case. Kissing is still always no unless you're Adell. XD

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In depth spoilery speculation/exposition.

Nov. 11th, 2006 | 09:38 am

So, Rozalin is generally nothing to be afraid of. Spoiled princess in a wedding cake of a dress, cannot even fight when you first meet her, etc. But there's a character in Disgaea 2 who reacts oddly to her upon seeing her, saying that she feels evil, and then trying to kill her. None of the characters know why at that point, but oh does it become apparent later.

Much of what is behind this cut is speculation and exposition about the end of the game. If you don't want to know what happens when you beat Disgaea 2, don't click this. Basically SO MANY SPOILERS AHEAD.Collapse )

And behind this cut is the bottom line about what Rozalin may do in camp. Still VERY SPOILERY though.Collapse )

I think that's all. For now. =]

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The winning app!

Nov. 7th, 2006 | 07:06 am

Character: Rozalin
Series: Disgaea 2
Character Age: 17
Canon: Rozalin is, when you first meet her, arrogant and spoiled. As the only daughter of Overlord Zenon, she’s a sheltered rich princess who had never once left her mansion in all her seventeen years. In this mansion she had everything she could want, servants who did anything she ordered. Not surprisingly, this caused her to expect all things to go her way at all times. However, while she’s squandered a lot of time in the pursuit of knowledge, she soon discovers that the real world has many things her textbooks neglected to mention—many of which seem to be somehow related to Adell, the human whose family summoned her and took her from her lavish mansion. Over time she begins to lose her haughty attitude, and even starts to care for some people, though she’ll deny it and say she’s just looking out for her servants.

Sample Post

I cannot say I have ever woken up alone in a dirty swamp with no recollection of how I got there before. Is this a “prank?” I’d read about them, but never thought that I would be part of one. I am not finding this practical joke to be nearly as funny as my textbooks claimed it would be, either. Though I suppose that could be because I seem to be the victim of it. But I’m not suited to being a victim at all. I won’t stand for being pranked like this, and I am leaving this place now.

After all, it cannot be that difficult to find my way out of this nasty bog. As a true lady, I am naturally gifted with an innate sense of direction.

… As a true lady, I can also ask directions without hesitation.

You there, tell me how to get out of—oh, a zombie? There aren’t any more monsters in Veldime—so I’ve been taken to a netherworld? To take me so far, this is an elaborate set-up indeed. I suppose in this case the only thing to do is plan appropriate retribution and start a “prank war.” Though to start I shall have to discover who did this in the first place.

Oh, you’re still there. What are you moaning about? Do I have something on my face? … If you want to fight, go find somebody else. I don’t need to level up anymore. I said find somebody else—unhand me, you fool!


Hmph. That is better. Even a lowly demon like yourself should know better than to accost a princess in such a way. I do not care to hear your excuses; simply put yourself back together and then you can do the legwork in searching for the perpetrator of this practical joke. Do not look at me like that; I’m a princess, and as such you should be honoured to investigate and discover who brought me here.

What are you saying, you already know who brought me here? A Director who keeps people imprisoned in this place as she searches for the murderer of her fiancé? How sad…. But she should not have involved me. Therefore I, Rozalin, will prank this Director tenfold in retribution!

Now, zombie, get to work. My textbooks were very specific on this subject, and to formally start the war off, I require you to fetch me a whoopee-cushion.

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